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12-16-2008, 01:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Fido22 View Post
Hollow was the key word. Don't think yoruself superior if you can't back it up...and Tremblay doesn't have the ability to back up much of the crap he spews. To me, he mostly seems to speak from prejudice than from reason.

There we go, making this about Tremblay again!

I'm not gonna argue with you Bill, your shovel looks at me funny when I do.

Elitists are hollow by definition, dog-breath. BTW, there you go, making this about Tremblay again, who I doubt is prejudiced about Benoit Brunet. And my shovel isn't looking at you, that's my reflection you see in its highly polished surface. Highly polished, freshly sharpened and raring to dig, I might add.

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