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12-16-2008, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Fido22 View Post
You can be elitist without being hollow. Look at hf4 and, to some degree, the banana.

I don't think he is prejudiced about Brunet, he is prejudiced about la langue franšaise. It blinded him to the fact that Brunet may be giving sports fans a refreshing take, outside of the disconnected old boys RDS network. the way he speaks isn't end all, be all.

What beats shovel?
Ok, now we're going to have a real internet argument. Elitists are hollow. All of 'em. Their perceived superiority translates a lack of inner strength and ressources. So nothing inside = hollow. QED. CQFD. I am right, you are wrong. That's it, that's all.

As for Brunet's "refreshing take", I can get that level of language from anyone (except, probably, my mother). Refreshing, for me, would be correct usage of the language, with real hockey insight.

And where I come from, you don't beat shovel, shovel beats you.

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