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12-16-2008, 09:26 PM
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Originally Posted by King Blazer View Post
No Tony I won't give you a break. It's certainly NOT far fetched to suggest that if the Kings were to open up their game for the sake of offense they very well might expose themselves defensively and this could certainly have an unwanted consequence in that they'd give up more shots, scoring opportunities and assuming your "objective data" stayed current, GOALS AGAINST.

Goals against would go up as shots against go up. That's how the whole SAVE% stat works TONY. Get it???

Shots allowed this season are way down. That's a very good thing...

As far as subjective thoughts go, you're darn right I think a #1 NHL goalie would have a better save% than either LaBarbera or Ersberg playing behind the current team playing the defensive game that they are.

More subjectivity: I think the Kings TEAM has, on most nights, done a very good job of limiting opponents quality scoring opportunities this season...

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