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12-16-2008, 09:59 PM
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Look at the 1-4-1 record vs. these mediocre teams (where we're headed if we don't wake up): Tampa, Carolina, Toronto, NY Islanders. Count in fortunate wins vs. St. Louis, Florida, the Isles, Ottawa and Atlanta and we're clearly not a team who shows up when the opponent isn't "in our league." We get a better team on Thursday but it seems we lose to anyone these days, not just bad teams. Philly is on a real roll, about to climb over us in the standings (we're plummeting toward 8th and a loss to Buffalo will officially be the breaking point IMO for Gainey to stop standing pat) and they arguably have more skill than us at the moment.

Injuries are a poor excuse and let me tell you why. When we were healthy, did we play well? Not really. Even at 8-1-1 we knew the signs were there for a slump. We had faith they'd rectify it. Instead, we are chumps to Boston and others who have performed to par and better. The Habs are just a one-dimensional team that opponents seemingly have figured out. They are not overly reliant on the PP this season because a league worst PP (or near it) would sink any team. With even an average PP we'd be near Boston and perhaps 20 wins. The Habs have blown plenty of games with awful PP work. This, PP aside, is better than last year's team at this point, when we were a mere 3 games above .500.

But then we tore it up after December. This team right now seems to lack that morale. It's gut check time and once again the Habs will have to use the road to turn their slide around. The fact that the team hasn't rallied around it shows bad team chemistry. We had it right but things always sour in Habland. This is a franchise that hasn't posted two straight "Good seasons" since 03-04 and 05-06 but those were separated by a lockout, so really 92-93 and 93-94 was the last time the franchise was a consistent winner.

We lost to Tampa with Saku, but have looked no better without him and totally discombobulated so **** the injury excuse. If we play like we're super amazing when guys return, I was wrong. But did Higgins and Dandy contribute a lot? They were just healthy bodies, now replaced by rookies who are at least getting some experience. We've lost with veteran teams, young teams, mixed teams, I'm sick of losing. Let's be a 4-6 seed. I don't want to be the typical Habs lose in the 1st round unless we get an upset team.

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