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12-16-2008, 10:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Belso View Post
I didn't say to burn him on a cross. I actually feel bad for the kid for not fulfilling the dream that his dad took away from him.. You are all taking what I wrote way to personally. I didn't say he sucked or was a jerk or deserved to die. I just said f-him as in who cares anymore about players who don't intend on playing here. Will Perezhogin come back? Will Tarasov come back? My opinion was just to say, forget them and move on. So I wrote F him. Now move on to the next post. But apparently I deserved being insulted for my opinion.

But now that you bring it up, His dad was pretty greedy. How fair is it to "control" your 18 year old kid to support the family his father and mother chose to have. If you don't make much money, don't have 4 - 5 kids. Second, if they were getting by, his AHL Salary was more then enough to live off for another season or so until he starts making millions in the NHL. According to TSN we was making about $150,000. How did they get by before he was earning $150K anyways?

But you are right. His dad and mom can finally afford that bread and cheese to feed their family now that he is making real money instead of that chump change. I'm sure they aren't asking for too much and letting him enjoy some of that money HE earned. Like I said before, I feel for the poor kid, but if his dad controls him so he can make money to "Pay for the family who need a good lawyer's salary to get by", he won't come back..
Valentenko's blog comes in handy: "...I have a little brother, who is 17 years old. A typical family consisting of 4 people..". So no, its not 4 or 5 kids...

His salary would have went up to $550,000, I think. BEFORE taxes...

Lets not forget - he is a professional player who hangs out with the other pros... His friends buy their parents nice cars, houses and whatever... He could not. Did he take a step back on his NHL dream? Yes... Is he getting paid like a dream - yes. May be its not all that bad... Did he stiff Canadiens? Prolly. Did they stiff him? Debatable... If he was a higher draft pick - he would probably be playing by now...

I wish I could post questions for him... For some reason does not have it.

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