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12-17-2008, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Hub City Hab View Post
Sergei is soft? Kovalev is soft? They may take bad penalties but they aren't soft.
All soft on the boards, rarely win puck battles. Stripped pretty easily too. Added bonus that they take a lot of stick infractions when they lose their battles. No board skills and racking up penalties while they fail, a winning combo.

Plekanec has his head out of the game? WTF do you watch? He is second on the team with shots on net and has playing absolutely great on the PK. The goals aren't there but it isn't from lack of effort or because his head is out of the game.
He's good on the PK but so what lots of players can PK, they don't have to be a scoring centre. I see little in the way of creative playmaking from him or execution. He takes a lot of shots?? Oh wow! Too bad his wrist shot sucks and most of them are non threatening, just what the team needs a guy with Jason Blake syndrome.

S. Kost is 21 years old and will have his ups and downs. He will continue to learn and adapt. I will admit that Kovy's isn't playing smart hockey but the rest of your comments are bizarre.
Sergei just does not have much talent. He can play rough at least which can get him a spot as a 3rd/4th liner but he'll never be more than that kind of a plug since he doesn't have much hockey IQ either. Now would be a good time to trade him while he is young and still has prospect value, before the book on him is out.

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