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12-17-2008, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by bwoar View Post
But no big deal, really our 5 on 5 play is much improved. So long as the forwards DO come back, and DO backcheck we're OK. Carbo is dead right on this -- when the team commits to playing defense, we win hands down. When the team plays a lockdown defensive game, the scoring chances always come. Always. I actually think that they're starting to understand this, but not every player is ready to make the sacrifices that come with *fighting back* rather than just hanging about looking for passes from inside our zone.

That why Plekanec is still a worthy centre - he can and does some back. His wingers haven't always. Koivu - plays defense. Lapierre - mostly but his rushes often leave him at the other end boards so even with his speed he's a bit late at times. Lang - slower of foot but yeah, he does it quite a bit.

Our wingers - **** - our wingers just don't offer it consistantly. Higgins, check.

Tanguay (who everyone told me would play well defensively when I complained about a lack of shutdown line) doesn't. A Kost- forget it. S Kost - when he feels like it. Kovalev - more than never but he seems to 'save' his defensive play for the PK. Latendresse - not much D there period, still not quite skating fast enough to keep up.
Great post Bwoar, I agree with most of what you wrote but this little segment seemed to spring to me as something that could potentially be flawed. You speak of how the wingers don't come back to backcheck but stay up high in the defensive zone and appear to be floating there waiting for a pass. If I'm wrong please do correct me, but if these same wingers came back to create a numerical advantage down low, the opposing team would simply throw the puck back to the waiting D who would then have a very easy time moving in for a quality shot right down the middle (a bit like the 3rd PP goal the Canes got last night).

My understanding could be flawed, though.

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