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12-17-2008, 02:32 PM
Anybody get 2 U yet?
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My feet have been described as resembling a 'brick'.
I have size 10 feet that are wide and have a very high, exaggerated arch.

I have worn CCM's pretty much my whole life but they were very painful on the outsides of my feet and over my arch. That's because the brands I bought, (usually Tacks), were narrow.

So I recently got a new pair that would be better for the shape of my foot.

At first I was placed in a pair of Graf 605's Wide. After several modifications, I never got this skate to fit my foot properly. The toe area was much to narrow and my arches still ached considerably.
Eventually I was placed in a pair of Easton Stealth S7's, Size 8 EE. These feel beautiful. The toe box is much wider and fits the width of the top of my feet beautifully. Especially at the balls of my feet.
The arch also feels much better. But I still don't lace through every hole over the arch.

The skate itself is incredibly light and has a small screen at the bottom of the foot to allow sweat to escape. It keeps the boot dryer and lighter.

This is the best fitting skate I've ever had and they feel great. My skating has also improved as I finally feel like I have a pair of blades that mach the shape of my foot.

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