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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Like the fact that we're a horrible even strength team and live and die by our special teams?

Last year
PP coach: Mullen.
PK coach: Murray.

This year
PP coach: Mullen.
PK coach: Berube.

Name not mentioned: Stevens.
Not mentioned by who? You? The Head Coach is responsible for every aspect of the team on the ice. If he get's the blame when things go wrong. Then he also gets credit when things go right.

Originally Posted by Jester View Post
2nd most talented team in the division last year, and we finished...4th. Stevens has his strengths, namely the players seem to like playing for him. However, he has yet to prove he's the entire package...lets see what happens when things go south this year. Stevens has proven incapable to pull the team out of tailspins quickly.
I guess your forgot about the the 10 game losing streak late in the Season, last year. When many fans were ready to jump off a bridge. He got the team turned around, and they went to the ECF. So how has he proven incapable of pulling the team out of tailspins? How about the 0-3-3 start to this Season. Only to go 17-4-3 since. Clearly, your not paying attention. Stevens is certainly not a perfect Coach. He's a young developing Coach, with a young developing team. But he's doing a fine job.

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