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12-17-2008, 04:58 PM
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I was gonna make a thread for the dude the other day. But I think the last time somebody did that, he went down in the playoffs. We can't let that **** happen again!

Originally Posted by IrishSniper87 View Post
Being a 21 year old guy sucks. Girls act interested while you buy them drinks, then leave the bar with older d-bags. For 21 year olds like me, it is expensive and ****ing rude. Yeah, I want to get in your pants, seriously, why would I talk to you at the bar otherwise? (I fully realize this makes me sound like an ass, but most girls I meet are ****** anyway, so whatever). You don't usually meet your soulmate or even a good friend at the bar when your 21, so expecting anything more then guys looking for sex at a bar is idiotic at best. Plus, as a 21 year old male, what can I offer a woman other then some fun one night? I have no money, I have no place, I'm in college and working, I don't have a nice car (or one that even runs right now) I mean come on? Yeah I'm looking for a game of just the tip, so what? Do you want to be my gf? No. Put out or move over. I have plenty of friends, and I'm not listening to you whine about work/school/your gal pals while buying you your drinks just so we can go shoe shopping on Saturday. I'm dropping the nice guy act for a while, because I get too many girls who want to use me for what little money I have and then dump their emotional baggage on me so they can go **** some other guy who is totally hott (their words, I have actually been told this) and is a total d-bag who also has a gf he is cheating on.

Sorry for the rant, but seriously, girls make me so angry sometimes. I hate the system too, but I didn't make the rules, I have never cheated on a gf, and I don't take advantage of people, and I'm tired of getting **** on by ***** girls who only care about having fun while I get used and abused.
Aww dude that freakin sucks. Most girls don't know what the hell they want; it's as simple as that.
But don't stress too much, you'll find a keeper eventually. I know plenty of normal girls who don't do stupid **** like that, they ARE out there lol!

Originally Posted by IrishSniper87
Actually, I realized in most friendships between a man and a women, it seems usually one of them is sexually attracted to the other. While most women will disagree, they are just oblivious to the fact their guy friends want to **** them.
Hmm interesting.
Just this past weekend, one of my guy friends made a move and I was stunned. I think I mumbled some "friend" line and walked off haha terrible.

I'm tiny, so I often hear "you're adorable" from guys at bars. At first I wonder if that means they see me as their little sister or something, so I back off. Lol. But luckily it usually doesn't hah

Originally Posted by Kambo
But then there's the times when I'll hang with one of my girl friends, which most of them are attention ******, and a guy or two will walk up express interest, and she'll turn around and be all up in dude's grill piece, to the point where he'll either walk away or she'll be the one who ends up with his number even though he was trying to give it to me. Or dude goes for her, and I get stuck with the weird ass looking hobbit friend he brought along, but she doesn't care cause she got what she wanted.

Goddamit! **** gets me so frustrated haha.
Hahaha oh man, that's horrible!! I can SO relate to that story. I hate when you get paired up with your friend's new boytoy's pal. SO awkward

And one of my friends tends to start ****ing CRYING outside by herself when she goes to bars or parties. It's happened like four or five times now. Something about low self esteem, no guy wants her blah blah. Then I have to baby her and listen to the sobbing/blubbering. Ugh sometimes I wish I was a huge ***** and would just ignore her, but I'm nice. Boo. Yeah lets just say I don't go out with her much nowadays.

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