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12-17-2008, 05:15 PM
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Carbo's Line Juggling ISn't the Answer...

It's seems that Carbo's lost for answers...

Ultimately, he's the leader, boss and the strategists to lead the team to success or failures...

Our record as a team is respectable but there seems to be deeper problems....Our lack of consistancy and underachieving ways rest on Carbo's shoulders...... Carbo's only answer when we loss is to line juggle......that hasn't worked!....Other teams have figured out how to play against his one dimensional game plan.

He seems to be limited in his ability to figure out the problem and solve it!

What Carbo needs to do:
1- A better game plan for each team that he faces (Not one game plan for all
2- Adjusting the game plan through out the 3 periods on a need basis
3- Motivate the players to follow the game plan
4- Immediate sit players that don't follow the game plan (set an example)
5- Play players on their natural position and with matching skill levels
5- Rethink the power play strategy and implement it & adjust on a need basis
6- Get his team to play discliplined hockey (cut down untimely penalties)
7- Sit out what ever players that aren't playing disciplined (set an example)
8- Stop getting over confident when we do win
8- Motivate the team to play the game plan for 60 minutes
9- Let Bob know which players he feels need to go back to Hamilton and which
ones need to be traded to improve the game plan execution

Carbo is a good coach but not a great coach...this could be the root of our problems.

If Carbo and Gainey don't find answers we will have hard time competing for the top of the conference and for the Stanley Cup.

What do you guys think?

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