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Originally Posted by Carterfor60 View Post
You need to pay more attention during games. It's the norm for Stevens to be diagramming or directing play during timeouts.
Actually, no it's not. It remains fascinating how much Stevens relies on his assistant coaches for diagramming plays.

As for the rest...your assumption that all benches in the NHL are run exactly the same is displaying a lack of common sense. If you've ever worked at any job in your life, you'd understand that there is no way in hell 30 people have the exact same management style. This is proven by any number of things...John Stevens is vastly different as a Head Coach in comparison to Ken Hitchcock...from bench demeanor, to his level of technical demands being placed on the team.

The majority of your post shows gross ignorance about how this team has operated under Stevens. He delegates authority, sometimes it works well (Mullen, Murray, and Berube on the PK), sometimes it doesn't work well at all (Berube with the PP). This is a wise management style. There are going to be other coaches who take a more hands-on role in the different areas of the game, but Stevens isn't one of them.

You also have coaches who are not big fans of highly technical hockey...Pat Quinn, for example...who is impossible to compare to a guy like Lemaire or Hitch.

Of course, your belief that all coaches are the same can be proven false by the fact that coaches innovate. 20 years ago no one watched tape...Roger Nielson changed that.

Last year Jack Mcilhargey ran the forwards, and Murray ran the D. Maybe they don't feel Berube is up to the job, as said I didn't pay attention this year. But the situation was last year was widely games no less.

If that's the case, it would explain why our line changes have been borderline incompetent this year with all the too many men penalties.

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