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12-17-2008, 07:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Dig Out Your Soul View Post
I smell 7 pages of Jester providing facts and Carterfor60 providing nothing but baseless speculation and saying "wrong!" as if that means anything.

Somebody should start reading the paper, articles on websites, or watching the news and clips of interviews on the Flyers websites. It's like all the guy does is watch a few games and then challenges anyone who actually uses players' and coaches' words in their posts.

Heaven forbid anybody present an interview or quote as evidence in a thread. This place would be a lot better if everybody just made **** up.
I'm not getting involved with this whole thing but really just because Stevens has assistant coaches in charge of certain things doesnt mean he isnt in on the big picture. It doesnt mean he doesnt say at certain times in the game what line he wants on the ice, or how he wants to run a PP(yes there are multiple ways) or a million other things that other coaches are in charge of. Just because berube runs the PK doesnt mean stevens looks the other way in practice and has no clue what kind of stratgy they use. Jester states facts but also goes overboard on a lot of them. Like saying he gives his assistants full credit for special teams. What do yuo really expect him to say "I'm the head coach, the special teams doing well is all because of me!".

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