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Originally Posted by Carterfor60 View Post
Reported by who? If it's so widely reported, post the evidence. Where are your facts? I notice you keep tap dancing around that. I've been right about most everything. And when I was wrong about the CBA, I said so. Your free reign here is over. Your going to have to back up your nonsense.
Where are my facts? The numerous commentaries provided by Coates and company last year about how the Flyers ran their bench. CSN reports...following the team.

I'm not tap dancing around'll note your the only one in this thread who thinks I'm making this up. And me and CannonGoBoom definitely don't see eye-to-eye on everything.

And until you back up a single thing you say, shut the hell up with demanding it from others. Honestly, the hypocrisy of it just makes you look like an ass.

You think Stevens was running the forwards...prove it. I don't doubt he sends a group out every once in a while, or says who goes out in a key situation. But that's not running the line changes.

And there's no reign. It's a friggin message board dude...on the internet.

So the Head Coach of a Hockey team, doesn't deserve credit for a team's success on the PP and the PK. How stupid! And where did you pull this 95% from? Out your a$$, obviously.
Not if he's not the one coaching it up...which is the case here. He deserves credit for putting coaches who are good at coaching that up in a position to do so. For example, when Mike Richards gave specific credit to Terry Murray last year for the PK...not Stevens.

Doesn't make Stevens a bad head coach in the slightest. It's the reason Stevens wasn't criticized for the PP a couple years back and Berube was. It's the reason Mullen was brought in, but Stevens remained. When you delegate authority, you know who is and is not responsibility for the individual elements. It's an articulated structure.

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