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Originally Posted by Dig Out Your Soul View Post
He's referencing specific interviews and quotes from players, coaches, members of the media, etc. He has a memory. He doesn't have time to flip through old papers and websites to satisfy you. You're just talking out of your ass. There's a difference. It's exactly the same as the Jones debate from a few days ago. We were talking about Jones' words, and you were making **** up.
I didn't make a single thing up about the Jones words. Not one. You apply a double standard. You'll accept everything Jester say as fact. Without any evidence to back up his words. Other people have memories also. But you'll label them incorrect, if they go against what Jester says. I have E mails out to numerous people who cover the Flyers and are professional Hockey analysts. And when I get their responses. We'll find out who changes the Forward lines during games. And we'll find out who's talking out their ass. And then I'll have another response to contradict Jester's stance that Stevens isn't capable of quickly turning around a negative situation. But Jester will likely spin the conversation off on some tangent, that is completely irrelevant to the situation. To try and spin his way out of it, just like he did in the Jones situation. And you'll back him up like the follower you are. The blind leading the blind.

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