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12-18-2008, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by kicksave27 View Post
Actually i like the non girly girls, they tend to be low maintainance. Come to think of it, every girl i've dated has been non girly, usually athletic, though admittedly it's not a large sample size. My dream is finding a cute hockey playing girl. I'm a goalie, so it'd be fun on so many levels.

irishsnipers whole line of responses reminds me why i don't hit on women at bars, just hangout with the guys after mens league games. I try to ignore the ones who want me to buy them drinks. I'm also 29 now, so the women who are still single in my age bracket tend to be that way for a reason. Like parking spaces, all the good ones are taken and the rest are handicapped. Mostly not their fault, usually got screwed up by some player early on and it gets taken out on me, since i'm a nice guy and i actually try to help them. Which means in a few mons they'll start dating the same horrible type guy that got them in trouble before, it's like an addiction or something. But usually all the women i'm friends with and ones that i tried to date and go caught in the "friend zone" as per chris rock. So i get the "like a brother" "too good of a friend" "too nice" which basically means i like you buying me dinner because you are safe, but you totally aren't getting anywhere.

I used to work in glassboro jules one summer for AC electric, i grew up in woodstown(cowtown).
Seriously, being a nice guy BLOWS!!!!

Yeah, a lot of girls appreciate what we do for them, then the go and do the d-bag and then come back to us for nurturing/consolement/talking/whining/complaining/crying. End of the day, me 0 - d-bag 1. She crys on my shoulder, I get a hug. He is an ass, he gets Bone City.

This system is wrong on so many levels.

I wish my conscience would let me be a d-bag, I'm getting so frustrated by women, which is evident in my posts when I re-read them.

Jeez, I hate being this angry, miserable, woman-hating guy, I'm freakin 21! I figure I just need to relax and drink a bit more, my posts the past few days have been either deep or angry.

BOOBS!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippie!

Good, now I feel better, and more relaxed.

I also just realized a large reason I still deal with these crazy women.

Oh better yet, 2 large reasons!

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