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12-18-2008, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by nexguy View Post
I feel like explaining...


By now I had hoped that EVERY hfboards poster was educated in the details of how the team txt message works...

First of all, I doubt if Whitney and Gonchar have even passed the 20,000 vote barrier much less the 500,000 vote barrier. Almost NO ONE has voted for either of these guys. Just as almost NO ONE has voted for Komisarek. These guys have picked up most all of their votes from the genius team txt message idea invented by the NHL. In case you did not know, here is how it works.

Just txt the word Pens to 81812 and you get a vote for ALL the 5 pens listed on the ballot. Do you think Whitney, Gonchar and MAF are on the minds of those voters?....nope.

Just txt the word Canadiens to 81812 and you get a vote for ALL the 5 Mtl players. Do you think Komisarek is on the minds of those voters?...nope.

If Sykora had made it on the ballot instead of Whitney...then Sykora would be 3rd in voting. Not because people are voting for him...but because he is getting the Pens vote.

WHY people keep talking about Whitney/Gonchar/Komisarek/Price is amazing.

To show this...there are graphs of the vote tallies for the Mtl players. Every player has virtually the exact same voting curve. Almost no deviations. As for the Pens...Crosby and Malkin are getting votes from lots of people who are not Pens their vote curves are going up faster than Gonch/Whit/MAF(who share the same voting curve). Almost no one is voting for the Mtl players except for Mtl fans so those players voting curves are almost identical.

Umh, HELLO??!?!?

If the league wide voting for Crosby and Malkin was so high, Ovy would be much higher than he is right now. 70 to 80% of the votes for Pits players are coming from Pits fans. Your analysis is assuming that all the voting is done by text messaging, when the voting site is highly used too, where not all the players can be chosen. The reason why the voting curbs are similar for Habs players is that they are all on the ballot. Also, discounting league wide votes, if it were a system of one vote per user, Crosby or Malkin or Ovy might get passed by a Habs player. That's the whole point. Cheating or no cheating, the Habs have the most fans, more than Pittsburg and more than Washington. Why do you think Markov won the voting last year altho he had no all-star reputation around the league? ask many Habs fans and they'll tell you they voted and didn't cheat. For all the Pitts players to reach the Habs so quickly, in about 2 weeks, there is definetly something going on there.

Originally Posted by TomPlex View Post
I really don't know where you're grabbing those numbers from. How can you "guess" that almost 95% of the votes are from text message?
His mean bottom told him. No kiddin.

Reality check NexGuy. You are making assumptions. especially considering the numbers you are giving. I hope you realize Markov dominated the entire voting last year, without the text messaging. He finished close to 300k votes. So that means that at least 30-40% comes from the website voting, if not more, as this voting method is now better known league-wide by the fans. If Markov beat Crosby for the number of votes last year, when the ASG wasn't even in Montreal... don't you think that puts kinda big dent in your little pet theory???

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