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12-18-2008, 02:24 PM
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Just what happened with the reffing last game?

There was clearly something wrong with the reffing.

We all agree with that.

But what do you think went wrong?

Here's my take on it:

Frederick L'Ecuyer
Quebecker, relatively new as an NHL ref (since 2006, I think).
I don't remember seeing him ref a Canadien game.

I think he thought the league was gonna be looking for bias in his reffing and therefore kinda called everything he saw..
(Mind you, I think there is ALWAYS something refs can call on a play.. They just don't do it 1/2 the time 'cause it would disrupt the flow of play.)

I mean.. Most of the Canadien penalties were justified. He shouldn't have called all of those, but he probably thought he shouldn't miss a single one if he was really serious about his job.


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