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12-18-2008, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by RedScull View Post
For your benefit, I booted up the PVR and looked at the Markov goal again. It didn't go off his chest. It went straight from the stick to the net. I don't know where you saw it went off his chest, and if there's a youtube I'd love to see it. It didn't from what I just saw, which makes the shoulder level moot.

Staal's goal is disputable. The problem with the rule is that it doesn't really define what a kicking motion is, and really if that went off the inside of his skate as opposed to the outside (which it did) it's probably no goal.

I'd probably say that you were looking for penalties, as was everyone else. Yeah, there were things here and there that ought to have been called penalties, but nothing that would come even close to evening up the calls. Most of the Habs penalties were blatant and stupid. If I'd been reffing the game from the comfort of my couch, the penalties might have been 10-5 or something, but still quite lopsided against the Habs. I didn't, and don't, believe that the refs missed an disproportionate amount of calls against the Canes.

Just because one team takes 11 penalties doesn't mean the refs are only looking one way. It usually means that one team is taking blatant penalties.

I'm not interested in arguing with you, but only discussion, and didn't intend any "attitude."

Aside: The Lapierre slash I can't even believe someone's debating. He slashed on a guy's stick up near his hand when the puck was several feet away.
I saw it on a big friggin cinema screen (200+ feet) on RDS when they showed all the replay angles. The angle was the one from the left boards of the goal, a close-up on Markov, you can see it going off Markov before going into the goal.

I counted 20-14 (Habs-Canes), by the standards created by the refs themselves in the game. I wasn't looking for the calls, I just see them automatically. When I watch a game, all the penalties that are called, I've called and seen beforehand, I rarely miss one, besides the ones that are jokes, and many of them were against the Habs. many were borderline calls that could have easily been called several times on the Canes. The lack of discipline was from both sides. Remember that Wild game? That was better officiating in that game. The Habs had more discipline against the Cane than they did against the Wild. A fairly called game would've seen the Habs getting 8-10 penalties and the Canes about 5-7. The judgement of the refs was totally off in that game and its business as usual.

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