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12-19-2008, 08:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Pascal View Post
Do they send him back down? There's not enough space for everyone. It'll be very difficult for the team to send him to Hamilton with the way he's playing, but what else can they do?

They can't sit anyone on the 4th line IMO, they've just been too good.

AKost Plek Kovalev
Higgins Koivu Tanguay
SKost Lang Lats
Begin Lapierre Kosto

Laraque D'Agostini
Honestly, Higgins is far from coming back so other injuries can happen, trades can happen as well so I'm not even thinking about it. Though one thing is pretty sure, he's not going down unless he slows down. If not, they WILL sit either Bégin, Kosto, Lats or SKost. Maybe D'Ago will sit from time to time as well, but he brings another dimension to this team it's scary. He has nothing to learn at the AHL level so in the end, if we have too many players, it's Bob's job to do something about it. If D'Ago does not slow down and is still being send down, I'll wonder how Bob is doing 'cause that would not be the right decision. 'Cause if he doesn't slow down, when Higgins will be back, it would mean that D'Ago could have close to 10 goals...

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