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12-19-2008, 09:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Larry Melnyk View Post
This wouldn't be thet bad if any of the young forwards that have "graduated" like Dawes, Cally, Pruchs, Korp really have the chance to be all that much, but all are very limited..Goes without saying how much the loss of Cherry hurt this organization..
Kind of depends on what you view as "limited" in my opinion. I think Dawes has 20+ goal, 50+ point potential if he'll just kind of get his head on straight. He was on pace for that last year, and in general, should be considered a possible 2nd liner. He's been disappointing this year, but I think he's got more skill and scoring ability than he's shown this year. He's not a "wow" prospect in any way, but if he can figure that last piece out, I think he could be a solid 2nd liner for whatever team he ends up on

Callahan is also on pace for about 20 goals, and I think with a few more years and better linemates, Korpikoski could be about the same.

Obviously I'm projecting a lot, and like I said, these aren't "wow" prospects, nor are they sure fire prospects, but there is skill there at least.

At any rate, I'm kind of splitting hairs. I guess my point is that I think some of these guys actually do have some skill and upside to them, it's just kind of a crapshoot whether they really get there. Compared to other teams that have guys you pretty much know will at least be second liners.

But yeah, losing Cherepanov hurt a lot. I think this year was originally kind of a re-organization year, and the Rangers didn't really feel like they were going to compete for the cup or something, but in a few years they'd have Zherdev and Cherepanov as a very solid one two punch down the right wing, some solid centers, and I dunno about left wing but maybe they were hoping Dawes was going to do better than he's doing this year. Losing Cherepanov really hurt not just the prospect depth, but the Rangers depth as well.

So, I think it'll be pretty important for them to pick a guy this year who will end up being a top line player. Not necessarily easy when they'll probably be picking the last half of the draft, but I think they gotta take a chance on one of those guys everyone knows has a ton of talent

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