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12-19-2008, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by dude92 View Post
ok guys what do you do? I used to wear thin socks, soccer ones and my feet still smelled but not that bad. Now I started barefoot and the smell is way too bad. yet I hear from other guys barefoot is the way to go. what do the pros do or any of you guys?
It's all a matter of how you feel. If you like and prefer the feeling of being barfeoot, go for it.

Besides, many people I encounter in a dressing room already have plenty of nasty, stinky equipment anyway, so what's one more smell?

Not keeping your skates in a bag and letting them dry in the outside hockey bag air when you are not skating is probably your best bet. Febreeze probably wouldn't hurt either.

If I remember correctly, Paul Coffey skated barefoot, but I have no idea what he did for the smell. But seeing what an awesome player he was, I'm sure he could care less.

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