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12-19-2008, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Larry Melnyk View Post
I like Cally alot, but I see him as a good 3rd liner.
In general I agree...though I think he'll find ways to score more goals than anticipated. He seems like he goes on little streaks here and there.

I think that is Korpikoski's ceiling too eventhough I know I'm in the minority in feeling unimpressed with the guy...
I'm basically really impressed with everything Korpikoski does, except when it comes to scoring points. Though I also think he's spending too much time being the guy on his line who is always chasing pucks, battling on the boards, and stuff like that. If he focused more on being the guy who made things happen, I think he'd do better. So, I'm kind of up in the air on him in that I think he has the tools to do well, but it might require him not feeling like he has to be the grinder all the time and actually taking some more offensive chances

As for the kids in Hartford, I heard an interview from the Head Ranger scout (or whatever) Gord Clarke in September and they see Anisimov as a NHL 3rd liner and hope Dupont can reach that level also.
Yeah I'm not sure about that's a little weird. Is Clarke just downplaying Anisimov? Is it because he only sees a third line center spot open in the future? Or is it a real talent analysis. Anisimov seems like he has more skill than that, but maybe they think it wont' translate. Hard to say. I think he has the potential to be a top 6 player, but I'm not a pro scout either.

So, agree 100%, that we gotta grab a top end forward (or two) in the Draft this coming year and why I wanted to do the same last year (Del ZOrro is fine but with Sangy, Staal, and Saurer?) eveb before the CHerry tragedy..
Yeah I was iffy on that too...I mean, I like picking up really skilled players like Del Zotta, and last years draft was supposed to be real defensemen heavy and not so much on the forwards

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