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12-19-2008, 11:58 AM
What's the Pred say?
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Nice to see the folks around here haven't been throwing themselves off the Shelby Street Bridge like on the boards.

Or maybe I'm just dreaming.

-Erat REALLY struggled last night. One of his worst games of the season, by far. I would not be surprised if his ice time was cut (please, Barry?).
-The second PP unit looked fine to me, but the first unit was ATROCIOUS. The "just pass it to Weber" mentality is causing the unit to stagnate.
-Suter also played poorly, I thought. Gave up a turnover that could've been a goal for Doan, and then lets off Lisin and starts looking for the puck, which lets Lisin scoop up the rebound Ellis gives and throw it back in front of the net for Turris to bury.
-Ellis tried to play the trailer (Morris) on the first goal. If he hadn't, he probably would've stopped Turris' attempt. Fault Ellis, fault De Vries and Klein (who had both pinched down inside the blue line), fault Erat... all three are certainly not wrong.
-We have a bad habit of letting some of the opposition's better young players stand undefended in front of the net. Dustin Brown, Pierre-Marc Bouchard, and now Peter Mueller. Thankfully Ellis got back across to make the save.
-Does it bother anyone else that our defensemen don't hit anybody and will often play several feet off the puck carrier instead of stepping in and levelling him?

Phoenix played great defense and did a good job of clogging the neutral zone. They've also got a lot of speed, with guys like Jokinen and Boedker on the upper lines, and Lisin and Turris on the lower lines, that can make you pay for a bad turnover, especially if they're trailing on the play as it comes back the other way. This is a solid team that has the talent to make the playoffs. They could use an upgrade at defense, but the talent they have will keep them in the hunt until the waining hours of the season and be a thorn in the side of the teams that are looking to contend.

As for the forwards, can we call up Santorelli and Jones? Please?

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