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12-19-2008, 03:59 PM
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Originally Posted by TimminsTheStorm View Post
Plekanec and Higgins are the most likely players to be traded in a package for a top defenseman.

Dagger is 22 and is currently giving us exactly what Higgins used to give to us a couple of years ago.

Latendresse, Sergei Kostitsyn and Andrei Kostitsyn are all younger than Higgins, are most likely to improve their game than him, and Andrei shows too much potential to ever be traded IMO.

Now everyone is expendable and there's no untouchables, althouggh, some players are most likely to get traded than others, Higgins and Plekanec being two of them.
In your opinion

Also, you are talking of Higgins as tho its been at least 1-2 seasons that he doesn't show what he "used" to do, when in fact he got his best career numbers last year IN HIS THIRD SEASON playing alongside crappy Ryder. Sorry but Daggs has only played 9 games. You might wanna pipe down a bit before annointing him as a player at the same level as Higgins or Plekanec. You underestimate the importance of such players as Pleks or Higgins.

EDIT: And I just saw your other post above and want to correct something. Higgins IS still improving. Plekanec IS still improving. Players don't hit their prime until they reach 28-30.

Also, 25 year old players have still A LOT of room to improve and still a lot of untap potential to reach. Saying that these players "are more likely" to improve their game than him, and even Plekanec is ridiculous. They ARE 25 YEARS OLD.

I think you should realize that a 4th Dman doesn't cost that much all depending on who you want to get. Stuart didn't cost much for Detroit. Getting Bouwmeester??? Pipedream.

Also, Gainey is no fool hardy, and won't go and trade the future when the Habs have so many players becoming FA this summer. The only instance he would do that is to get a top notch* player like Bowm and even then, you better expect Lats or SKost going there way too.

Stop taking your fantasies for reality. We don't need to trade Higgins to get that 4th Dman, especially since Higgins won't cost much on his next contract, you have to keep such a player in the present economic situation.

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