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Originally Posted by claude boivin lives View Post
I'm fine with this...especially considering that Nodl is now in a fourth line role. And I prefer the type of play Gratton will bring to the fourth line over Nodl's. Nodl wasn't putting up numbers getting third line minutes, and he certainly wasn't going to put up any on the fourth line. He was doing an ok job, but let him go back to the AHL and start producing again.

We now officially have Bash Brothers on the fourth line. I'm certainly looking forward to it. As much as I appreciated the energetic presence of Sami and Thor on the fourth line last year...the type of presence I absolutely prefer is more of a physical one. If there's one thing I want from my fourth line, it's for them to bash and knock the hell out of the opponent with physical play. Just smash the hell out of them every chance you get. Beat 'em up, wear 'em out. That's what we're going to get with Cote-Powe-Gratton.

I think this move may have been coming anyway, but was probably given a shove after Asham's strong two point performance on the third line last night. They obviously intend to leave him there for now.

Howeva...I have a different idea of how I may want things when Briere gets back. Barring any other injuries...once Briere is healthy, we'll have an option to shift some things and really create three strong scoring lines again. I really do like the idea of leaving Giroux with the Phantoms all year...buuuut, at the same time, I kind of find myself unsure when I look at the options we could maybe have if we call him up. There's no reason to call him up now, but let's say he continues to tear up the A for another month, Briere gets healthy...we could do something like this...


Three strong scoring lines. Why not? At times, it was the greatest thing about our team last hasn't been quite as existent this year. Sure, our checking line has been pretty good...but if you can make it a good scoring line then why the hell not? Besides, a good offense can be the best defense.

Some people will say that we should just shift Briere to wing, and leave Metro to center the third line as more of a checking line. Here's the problem I have with eliminates offensive potential from wingers who wind up on that third line. It easily bumps someone like Lupul to play with Metro, when that shouldn't be the case. Same goes for Upshall, IMO. Scottie has enough offense in him to produce a good bit more with a good playmaker. Why eliminate that at all? Why eliminate that from Lupul at all? Why not go with three strong scoring lines if you can do it?

Some may also say that the Upshall-Briere-Giroux line is too small or not defensively responsible enough. I wouldn't worry about that much, but hey...maybe they're right. Even so though...that top nine, with Briere healthy and Giroux you plenty of options for three scoring lines. I mostly put those three together because the Carter and Richards lines have been playing well enough that there's no currently no reason to think we should fool with them.

And before anyone responds by saying "Leave Giroux with the Phantoms." There's no need. I understand that sentiment, and I'll be ok with it if he does stay with them. I'm jus sayin'.
I think out of the past fifty or so posts I've read from you, I've agreed with each of them, this one especially. The offensive potential of this team is really, really exciting.

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