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12-19-2008, 06:14 PM
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Bartending in NYC? Help!

Alright, I just figured I'd post this here to see if it got me anywhere. Not sure if it's gonna help..

But I just graduated from college, I live in Manhattan, and I'm looking for a bartending gig to make some cash. I've done guest bartending stuff, bartended at private parties, but never had a legit full-time bartending gig. No one will give me a chance!

I'm not a girl, so clearly I lack **** (which is the first component to a good bartender), and I also lack experience, which you apparently need--but is impossible to get. Catch 22. I'm easily competent enough to make drinks and work a bar, I just need a chance!

That being said, has anyone bartended in NYC before? If so, any advice, ideas? Anything? Wanna help a fellow HF Ranger fan land a job?

I just need help here boys..

Sorry to appear pathetic.


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