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12-19-2008, 09:47 PM
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Another solid period, if a bit slow starting. The Flames came out of the dressing room and really did a lot of chasing the puck. They also made a couple very bad line changes and the Hawks certainly took advantage of it. After they fell behind the Flames seemed to remember their system and they played it flawlessly from that point on. The Flames all did a great job of crashing the net at every opportunity, banging away at rebounds. This frame was also a very physical period with lots of hits and players getting rubbed out along the boards.

The power play was passable. I can't give a happier descriptor as they did great in the first chance and, well, were somewhat disorganized the second one. The first cahnce was all beauty passes and fantastic possession. They crashed the net and had a few really great shots. Then the second chance there were some overly fancy shmancy passes and no real zone penetration. The PK was again really good, until Kane walked in and slipped a shot right over Miikka's shoulder and in. No blame on that one, it was just a gorgeous shot. Tho I will say that call on Bertuzzi was absolute weaksauce. As in even weaker than my excuses to my parents about why there was booze on my breath at 16 years old.

Iginla has been Mighty this game. The score sheet may say differently but trust me, he's been making it happen every shift. Bourque too defies all description with his continued play of sheer, unmitigated awesome. Blocking shots, making passes, getting goals and laying Towes right out! What an amazing pick up!! Miikka, Moss, and Bertuzzi also deserve some kudos with their great play as well.

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