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12-19-2008, 10:42 PM
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Our prospects suck

I was just looking at the HF rankings and I must say, we really do belong in the bottom half a dozen.

Defense is ok with Sang, DZ and lesser prospects, such as Sauer who's awfully overrated on this board.

Up front, we got nothing. Anisimov is nothing special. Third liner with a second line potential, kinda like Korps. Maybe they'll play on our third line together in a few years, if we are lucky. Or together on our second line if we suck.

Zaborsky is our #6? Wow. He's in the ECHL and not even putting up impressive numbers there. He literally has no trade value.

Grachev is in the top 5. I know a lot of people are giddy about him, but come on, there's a reason he just fell to the third round. Draft position isn't that important after a few years, but it is after less than half a season. If the Rangers tried to trade him, they'd get... a third round pick.

Byers is #7. He's projected as a 4th line player. Come on, boys and girls. Really? He's our next Betts - a perfect 4th liner, but a 4th liner nonetheless.

All those other guys like Hagelin, Hillier and Weise are worthless trade-wise. I am not looking to trade them, but the fact that nobody would give us anything for them is a sign that they are... worthless.

So besides Sang and DZ (probably just 1 of them since they are both high-risk, high-return), we really have nobody who would be in the top-6 or the top 2 pairs. Maybe Anisimov will get there. Maybe not. At most, it's 3 new guys in the next few years. Maybe just 1.

And let's remember that we don't have any young top-6 wings either in the Garden or among the prospects. [RIP Cherry]

People talk about all the players we've brought up. Fine. We are good at center (in large part because Gomez will stick around for a while or else we'd have Dubi on the first line, Anisimov on second and Betts on third). We are good in the net. We will probably be good on defense. But what's up on the wing? What happens when Naslund is gone? We are already weak on the top 2 lines among wings.

This team will have to rely heavily on free agency in the coming years.

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