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12-19-2008, 10:54 PM
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Two or three years ago I had the puck in the corner slightly behind the line and threw it right at the goalie's skate on the near post since he was cheating for a centering feed. It bounces off the back of his leg/skate and pops up in the air, moving towards the net but slowly. At the last second the goalie realizes it's behind him and blindly swats his glove backwards (right hand glove), hitting the puck down and across the face of the goal, it hits the other post, then literally rolls on edge on the goal line and instead of hitting the other post and going in like it should have, it curves around the post that I initially shot it towards and escapes the crease. I couldn't believe it.

And I'm on the goal line with a perfect view of it all. So I went to the net (since the puck was coming back towards me) and jammed the ****ing puck in the net. So technically, I did score, but I couldn't believe the initial play didn't go in. It was one of the weirdest plays I have ever seen. It was literally rolling RIGHT on the line for a good 2 seconds.

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