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12-19-2008, 11:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Crash the Net View Post
You're pretty negative.

It's a combined problem.

1) Bad drafting. Simply put. Last few years we've come up with a handful of good picks, and almost none in the first round (obviously most notable is Jessiman and the fact that he's the only player that never made it to the NHL as part of our organization from that draft.)

2) And the fact that we've never been bad enough to warrant getting a top 10 pick lately, which is usually where those top six forwards and top four defensemen that you're seeking are at. That's just the way it is. I hope we'll never be that bad so that we are forced to pick in the top five. Look at the Islanders right now. The Thrashers. The Lightning. Could you imagine being a fan of those teams? (No offense to them - but they'd have to admit it sucks).

Honestly, this board would blow up if we were that bad. NYR has too big of a fan base to deal with that ****. Therefore, we'll never be picking in the top ten probably, and thus won't have those big name prospects that would make us have a great farm system, which is obviously what you want.

The consensus: tough luck.
If the Rangers fanbase can't deal with that, it's only because its a fanbase full of morons who don't understand that that's the way to build a winner in today's NHL.

Your examples are really, really one-sided when it comes to this debate. You don't take into account the fact that the Thrashers, Islanders and Lightning have had , and may still have, terrible, terrible management. Now, if you look at the Penguins, Capitals, Kings, Blackhawks, and Bruins, among others, you'll see what good management combined with an HONEST re-build, that is a re-build that goes all the way and nets you FRANCHISE PLAYERS, can do.

Those teams all had to hit rock bottom, but now they're all either elite or on their way there, and they'll be leaving the Rangers in the dust over the next couple of years because of it. It's a lot more convenient to have some of your best players be on rookie contracts than it is to dish out horrible salaries to overrated players, like the Rangers do.

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