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12-19-2008, 11:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
Yeah, so there were 5 RUSSIANS picked ahead of Grachev. And this debate has nothing to do with Eastern Europe, it has to do with
Russia and the lack of a transfer agreement. Now, I agree that our prospect pool isn't very good, because we never finished rebuilding like we should have. But you hurt your own argument with this ridiculousness.
If we have anyone to look forward to, it is Grachev. He was a borderline 1st rounder if he wasn't Russian, and so was Kiril Petrov, who was picked 2 spots before him. Both of those guys could have been 1st round picks if they weren't Russian.

Cherepanov was a consensus top 5 pick that year, for sure. Maybe not top 3, but certainly top 5.

We definitely have a tremendous lack of high-end forward prospects, but that point can EASILY be made without making unfounded and flat-out incorrect statements about the ones we do have.
I think Grachev was more likely an early 2nd round pick, maybe late first if someone had a second pick to spare. His willingness to come to NA and his adaption to play in the CHL might have bumped his stock a lot if the draft was done now, though.

I don't think Cherepanov was a consensus top 5. I'd say most people expected top 10, though, and were pretty shocked he fell as low as he did.

Looking around a few other teams prospects, I'm not really that much impressed with most of them compared to the Rangers. Obviously some have some great players, but a lot have one guy who's "pretty good" and some depth/high risk high reward types after that. A lot of players get some more hype because they were picked in the first round or at least have names some people know.

Looking at the HF grades on a lot of these guys, they're about the same or even a little less certain than a guy like Anisimov. Most teams don't have that one guy that's a 8.0+

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