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12-20-2008, 01:47 AM
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Sorry for not getting an update you

Originally Posted by USF Shark View Post
you go to Gonzaga?!

Yep, I am assuming as a USF student you're not a fan. #8 in the nation. We got a good game coming up against UConn. I recommend it.

Originally Posted by Pure Rock Fury View Post
That was one of the schools that I looked into going to.

How is it up there?
Right now it is beautiful with all the snow. It is pretty cold all winter- I don't think we have been above 10 in a week or so.

As far as the education goes, it is very good. Small classrooms (which some see as a disadvantage), but I really like that and there are very good professors. Also, with it being a Jesuit school they are big on being well rounded- so you have to take a lot of GE. That definitely has its pros and cons. I would have never taken religion, but it turned out to be pretty interesting. In contrast, philosophy makes me want to jump off my balcony.

Athletics are fantastic. The students, faculty, John Stockton, and the community are really into the games, which makes it pretty cool. We have plenty of club sports, and some teams other than our basketball team are good as well. With that said, the greatest flaw at Gonzaga is a lack of D-1 football team. For me personally, a D-1 hockey team would sweet, but the Spokane Chiefs are awesome.

The surrounding city leaves something to be desired. South of Gonzaga is pretty nice, I really like the downtown area, but up North is ugly/ ghetto/ ect. Of course a lot of schools have this flaw

Originally Posted by Lee Van Cleef View Post
Snow Day? I've never understood how a little snowfall can cancel a school day.
To be fair, we did get three feet in about 40 hours.

The problem isn't getting to class, all the students are near enough to walk. The problem is the icy roads. The professors couldn't get here.

Originally Posted by Saskatoon View Post
Yea I'm pretty used to it now, when it hit -20Cish for a bit that one day it felt pretty nice haha. The worst was the stretch in January last year that saw temperatures consistently in -50C's
Just for the record, we hit -28.3 C with wind chill the other day, so while it can't compare with Saskatoon, it is cold, especially for a californian.

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