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12-20-2008, 05:46 AM
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Originally Posted by BrooklynHockey99 View Post
"I don't think you can quantify the "Russian effect" like you want, and you seem to be arguing about it for the sake of arguing. It does have an effect."

You can't do it precisely, but you can do it to some degree. I am not arguing for arguing sake. The point is that we need to know what effect it has.

Because to just say, "transfer agreement caused Russians to fall" could mean anything from they will fall 10 picks like Cherry or it could be an excuse for every Russian who failed to get drafted.

I'd like to know one thing: would the lack of transfer agreement, alone and without any other reason, cause a player to drop from top-10 to the third round? Or even from the first round to the third? Because if it won't, then we have a recognition that Grachev is not a top-10 or even a top-30 talent, meaning he's just another marginal prospect who should've gone in the second round, but fell to the third.

And let's stop pretending that a second round quality prospect is our savior.
i think nobody said grachev was a top-10 pick. but that seems to be what you expect the rangers to have, "a sure fire elite prospect". But how exactly do you expect them to have that, when they drafted at 21, 17 and 20 in the last drafts?
they had that chance with cherepanov but we know what happened.

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