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12-20-2008, 10:58 AM
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It's really unbelievable how stupid people can be.

Of course our prospect pool isn't very good right now. What the hell do you expect after we graduate double digit players within the last 3 years and our top prospect dies?

-Marc Staal
-Dan Girardi
-Ryan Callahan
-Nigel Dawes
-Fedor Tyutin
-Dominic Moore
-Brandon Dubinsky
-Henrik Lundqvist
-Petr Prucha
-Ryan Hollweg

That is a ton of players to have graduated from 2000-2005. Two players per year is an unbelievable success rate, and the only thing that is really lacking from this pool is a top-6 forward, which Tyutin was used to pull in anyway. When you graduate 2 players per year where the hell are do you expect prospects to come in from to immediately fill in the holes? The weaker prospect pool only shows our success and developing talent, not our failure. In the next few years you'll see our pool gain top status yet again. Of course not all of Campbell, Hagelin, Grachev, Del Zotto, Sanguinetti, Anisimov, Doyle, etc. will all develop, but some of them will. We've been incredible in the draft the last few years, and our scouts aren't stupid. They know what are needs are, and unless there is some insane situation where it's a no brainer to take an available defenseman, I fully expect a forward with our first round pick next year. Our drafting of forwards this year shows they know our holes. We'll be fine, I'm not worried.

And BrooklynHockey99, I think you're missing the point. Cherepanov had top 5 pick potential . Grachev was late first round potential. To make a comparison, there's a complete difference between Jonathan Toews (top 5 pick) dropping to the 3rd round and Bob Sanguinetti (late first rounder) dropping to the 3rd round. General consensus around HF is that Grachev based on his abilities alone should have gotten him a late first round pick, at worst early second rounder.

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