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12-20-2008, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by thedjpd View Post
While I agree with the overall premise of your post, that proposal you had was absurd and way out in left field.

Hossa yielded Christensen/Armstrong/Esposito/1st.

Armstrong is a 3rd liner and all he'll ever be.
Christensen was a high risk 3rd liner that had talent to be a 2nd liner, at the time of hte trade.
Esposito is an extremely risky prospect.
a 1st alone is risky.

The price you suggested is a proven second line winger, with potential to be a 1st, a somewhat low risk top line potential prospect, a potential #1 d-man, and a low risk potential second pairing d-man (bear in mind also that all three of these guys are proven - at least mildly - as NHL caliber).

The proposal you made isn't even close to what Hossa got - the Pittsburgh equivalent of your proposal at the time would have been Staal, Whitney, Goligoski and Esposito, for example.

Which I guarantee they wouldn't have done, even if they did plan on resigning him.

Our equivalent of the Hossa deal would be Lupul, Upshall, Parent and a 1st - a heavy price, still. Even that package has more value than what Atlanta got.

I think if you're tlaking Giroux in the deal, the only thing we'd have to add would be salary issues - he's a relatively low risk, high end prospect, IMO.

I also doubt the Flyers include Giroux, hence I don't think we'll be getting JayBo.

Your criticisms are fair, but I believe the comparison to the Hossa deal fits.

We all expect Parent and Giroux to be legit NHLers, but we won't know how sucessful they are until they play full time. All prospects are risky. Armstrong is a young player who has already shown leadership capabilities and is an assistant captain on Atlanta. He may never be first line player, but he'll be a valuable part of any team he plays for.

I added Carle/Coburn because there's no chance the Flyers could sign Bouwmeester without having to send some salaryback the other way (if they were looking to sign JBo). Carle is already signed to a moderately expensive contract and Coburn is due for a raise. Someone has to go to fit Bouwmeester in, unless you want to water down the forward depth.

Whatever the Flyers have to give up to get Bouwmeester is too much, so I don't want to see them pay it. Carle, Lupul and Parent was the closest offer that I think would land Bouwmeester, but I don't think it'd be enough.

Maybe I'm a little overboard with my proposal; I expect his price to be very high, though.

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