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07-25-2004, 02:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Buffaloed
Hadley's not some kid with a website trying to get attention with bogus rumors. The info could be right or it could be wrong, but the thread should remain open to discuss it.
This will probably get me in trouble but two weeks ago I posted a thread regarding the Blues re-signing Mike Sillinger by using the same source John Hadley.That thread was kept open with NO other immediate confirmation.You know what the moderator who closed my Scott Mellanby to the Thrashers said when I asked him why he closed that thread and not the Sillinger thread which Hadley as the only source for both stories,"it wasn't quite the news that mellanby signing with the thrashers".
Excuse me but when is a 38 year old signing a two year deal big news.At this stage,Sillinger is a better player than Mellanby.That's a bogus response.

Love this response... i'd be happy to re-open it. until then, it's an unsubstantiated rumor, and i can't let it sit.

It's hockey website.It's not dealing with a matter of national security

Unsubstantiated rumor?What is a substantiated rumor?Is there such a thing?

I love it when a newspaper or website such as Hadley's reports a signing,it's considered to be unsubstantiated but when TSN picks it up and slaps it on their site and names the original source in the TSN piece with no other added info from TSN,it's substantiated

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