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07-25-2004, 02:20 AM
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Originally Posted by 2forsbergaura1
referring to the last 2 posts:
1. i also dont like threads being closed as if this is a life and death situation. other sites and boards talk about trade rumours cause its something fun to talk about and nothing gets closed or LOCKED.
2. i think modry and havelid have been criticized for good reason maybe. however, often a change of scenery does wonders for a player. dont forget, hartley is a coach who doesnt accept players slacking off. modry in the nice summer weather and lay back feel of LA may have slacked off, but he wont get that chance in atlanta under hartley
I'm far from an authority on this board, but I believe the need for sources has more to do with credibility. Dozens of boards have rampant speculation with little or no basis, which in itself isn't bad. Provokes many debates and discussions. But that isn't what you really want with a site like HF. They do have a professional reputation and (smartly) they are trying to build on that. I have my own opinion on the voracity of sources but that's not really germane to this topic. They have set the groundwork on procedure for this site. With the likes of us always questioning and provoking new ideas, it makes the site better. Don't expect a big change, but keep them thinking.

As for the new Thrashers, I can only hope the new situation makes those two better. Hartley is a very demanding SOB and if they respond to that, the team will benefit. Health is a big concern with Atlanta, especially with their defense. Give me a fairly talented and healthy defense any day, it beats the injury problems this team has had before.

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