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- List of 15 players + 1 Wild card-

1- Philippe Mexes, Central Defender, France, AS Roma (Auxerre)-30/03/1982

Already a class defender, he has all the intangibles of all great and decisive defenders in the game. Reminds me of Nesta. Italy should be the right place for him to fully and quickly develop his hability.

2- Modeste MBami, Defensive Midfielder, Cameroon, PSG - 09/10/1982

This guy is a rock in the midfield. Impossible to knock off the ball, MBami is a very hardworking midfield who has also a good passing hability and when he is confident, he can also dribble guys as if they were not there. International player for Cameroon for quite a while, he looks like a can't miss prospect.

3- Kim Kallstrom, Midfielder, Sweden, Rennes - 24/06/1982

Extremely confident with the ball, Kallstrom is a very commited midfieder with great work rate and creativity. A real scoring touch as well, he has shown at the Euro that he is the type of player who can turn his team around.

4- Petr Cech, Goalkeeper, Czech Rep., Chelsea (Rennes) - 20/05/1982

I am amazed by the physical change of this guy. In two years, he has turn into a Perruzzi type of keeper and knowing his stunning goalkeeping hability, he looks set to be one of the best (if not the best) goalie for the next decade.

5- Eduardo Costa, Midfielder, Brazil, Bordeaux - 23/09/1982

Ligue 1 is full of great central midfield prospects. Costa is not the the least intriguing: His adaptation to Europe didn't take too long and his skills on the ball make him quite special. He has already learnt a lot with Bordeaux and this next season should confirm him a dominant and gritty force in France.

6- Mickael Essien, Midfielder, Ghana, Lyon - 08/12/1982

Essien is another solid midfielder who has had a very impressive time when playing with Bastia. Hasn't reached full speed with Lyon as yet and is somewhat untidy at times. But for all the balls he loses, he is able to recover many too.

7- Jeremy Berthod, Leftback, Lyon - 24/04/1984

A natural leader, he is a very feisty left back. Can deliver good cross and is hard on his man.

8- Samir Nasri, Attacking Midfielder, Marseille - 26/06/87

Such a skillful player, he is a younger Meghni, maybe with a bit less technical hability but with a much better scoring touch. He has good vision on the ball and is very enthuisiastic young lad.

9- Mathieu Flamini, Midfielder, Arsenal (Marseille)- 07/03/1984

Flamini is a good prospect: A good defensive midfielder, he is for me somewhat way too shy with the ball. He doesn't take any risks and when he passes the ball, it is rare that it is a forward pass. Works hard, interesting to see what Wenger will make of him.

10- Emerse Fae, Midfielder, Nantes - 24/01/1984

This guy is a genuine contender for best french defensive midfielder prospect. From the great Nantes academy who produces the likes of Deschamps and Desailly, he is a tiredless force who should crack the Nantes line up this season. Great positioning sense, I feel he is ready for having a bigger influence on his senior team.

11- Jimmy Briand, Striker, Rennes - 02/08/85

A very promising striker, this young lad is a true goalscorer and Rennes should offer him the chance to see plenty of top flight action this season. Attention: he is still a bit far away of being a good player and he has still very much to learn.

12- Jeremy Gavanon, Goalkeeper, Marseille - 20/09/1983

Excellent and rather consistent goalkeeper, he is one who can make the difference in a game by pulling a cracking save. Highly focussed player, he looks like knowing what he wants to become and willing to do all the efforts to get there. Barthez should be an interesting mentor for him.

13- Lorik Cana, Defensive Midfielder, Albania, PSG- 27/07/83

This guy spends the game tackling or repositioning himself: A very mature player tactically and one who can really disrupt the opposite midfield. Do the tough, bad and generally unoticeable work and he is already very good at it.

14- Bryan Bergougnoux, Striker, Lyon - 12/01/1983

Reminds me of Jean Pierre Papin: you can't say he is a technical genius with supreme physical hability but he looks like he can always be at the right time at the right place. He isn't scared, he hasn't got doubts, he just do what he feels is right and generally it is.

15- Jacques Faty, Central Defender, Rennes - 25/02/1984

A great central defender prospect, Faty knows what he takes to win. A sound defender with a great physical presence, it may take a few years to see him fully develop but he should be an accomplished player.

Wild Card : Matt Moussilou, Striker, Lille - 01/06/1982

Coming from nowhere, he has spent the second half of last season scoring goal after goal, most of them game winners. A curiosity as a player, he looks able to finish off moves with untidy shots.
As already scored three goals in two Intertoto games thus far: Intriguing guy.

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