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- List of 15 players + 1 Wild card-

1- Wayne Rooney, Striker, England, Everton - 24/10/1985

At the Euro was a dominant kid playing with the men, he has so much tools in his game that he can really rattle many defenses. But a few questions emerge: Can he cope with the hype? Is England ready to let him some breathing space to grow up and mature or will the tabloids turn him into another Gazza? Can he consistently deliver in a year long basis?
This is all frightening. Good luck Wayne!

2- Cristiano Ronaldo, Winger, Portugal, Man Utd- 05/02/1985

A very skillfull player, he has developped a lot under Ferguson management(who had the great idea to give him a month off during the december/january period). Looked like a bit of a one dimensional player, he is in fact much more than this: Good football sense, he is a battling winger who is very willing to go in the box to use use his surprisingly above average heading hability. Superb crossing touch.

3- Darren Fletcher, Midfielder, Scotland, Man Utd - 01/02/1984

I believe that he is Ferguson's favourite project: a hard working, overmotivated player who has got the skills to make plays. Great leadership hability, he is set to be Scotland's captain for quite a while. I didn't mentioned Roy keane, did I?

4- Jose Reyes, Striker, Spain, Arsenal- 01-09-1983

Natural talent, excellent flair, he looks set to have an impact on the league this season. Is able to do all his moves at pace, including taking decisions which obviously should turn him into a decisive player for Arsenal

5- Jermain Defoe, Striker, England, Tottenham- 07/10/1982

Superb goalscorer, he could be one of those guys who can beat scoring records in the history of the english game: excellent pace, excellent shooting power and accuracy, he is a nightmare to play against.

6- James Milner, Striker, England, Newcastle(Leeds)- 04/01/1986

He may be the guy who could benefit the most from Wayne's Rooney: While Milner is a tremendous prospect, foccused when going forward with sound positioning knowledge despite his young age, he is surely one of the kid who will benefit of having the media not looking at him to much. With Rooney being the media magnet, Milner should enjoy the ever-optimistic support of the Newcastle fans to gain confidence.

7- Glenn Johnson, Rightback, England, Chelsea - 23/08/1984

A pacy fullback, he has shown flashes of brilliance with Chelsea last season after an impressive start of career with West ham. Willing to move forward, he has to improve his defensive positioning and decision taking.

8- Jermaine Jenas, Midfielder, England, Newcastle - 18/02/1983

Jenas is already a good player, hardworking and committed. He is somewhat inconsistent and injury prone which is a concern. I am unsure if he has reached his best or if he has much more in the tank...

9- Gael Clichy, Leftback, France, Arsenal - 26/07/1985

Surprisingly confident last season when taking the place of ashley Cole, he has shown good agression, good defending hability and has demonstrated some attacking flair on the Arsenal left flank. Considering his age, He looks like a tremendous prospects really.

10- Francesc Fabregas, Attacking Midfielder, Spain, Arsenal - 04/05/1987

He looked marvelous when playing with players of the same generation and promising when in the line up of Arsenal during the League Cup last season.
He understand very well how plays develop during games and can find the unmarked man with ease. Is able to create spaces in defenses, he should become an international star player.

11- James McFadden, Striker, Scotland, Everton - 14/04/1983

Gritty striker, he has had a bit of a slow start with everton after being transfered but he should be more efficient next season. A bit of an untidy player, he compensate by his great drive.

12- Anthony Le Tallec, Attacking Midfielder, France - 3/10/1984

A hardworking prospect with much to learn, he is able to run at the defenses with the hability to make the crucial last pass. Obviously he still plays a lot of wasted passes but the skills and the vision are there. Benitez's management should help his development.
The concern right now is that he isn't very strong physically yet and he can be knocked off the ball way too easily at times.

13- Darren Ambrose, Versatile Midfielder, England, Newcastle - 29/02/1984

A very versatile and useful player, he is an unflashy though effective. A young guy, he is learning steadily and his presence on the pitch should become more felt as his development continue.

14- Kieran Richardson, Forward, England, Man Utd - 21/10/1984

He did play a few Champions League games two years ago and his record in the Man Utd youth team is magnificient. A bright forward with good skills and well used pace, he can also score a lot of goals.

15- Filipe Oliveira, Forward, Portugal, Chelsea- 27/05/1984

Has been in the Chelsea ranks for quite sometime and has always looked very good playing with guys of the same age. I feel that he will benefit a lot for Mourinho 's arrival at the club.

Wild Card: Wayne Routledge, Att. Midfielder, England, Crystal Palace -07/01/1985

A fast fast fast and small small small attacking midfielder who can create damages in any defense. He is electric and can deliver good passes, good crosses etc. I can't wait to see how he will feature in the Premier League.

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