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Originally Posted by capebretoncanadien View Post
Isn't this the guy that we as a nation voted as one of the 'Greatest Canadians' a few years back?

Why do you think that happened?

Is it because Canadians are half wit rednecks? Implausible to say the least. It's because this guy love him or hate him, lives and breathes for Canada. An unabashedly patriotic man that wants only the best for Canada and Canadians.

It puts him on the verge of tears when he speaks of the young guys; with families waiting for them to come back; losing their lives at 20, 25, 30 years old. It rips him right up. It breaks his heart. Good Canadian boys, not too unlike the guys on the hockey rink. Friendly, humble family guys that are brave, smart, kind and tough as nails. With untapped potential and bright futures. Just the kind of people that make Canada as great a nation as it is. A fact we definitely don't appreciate enough sometimes. Since when is paying respect to young men that died in the service of the country propaganda? The gall of some people here sickens me. Would you also advocate abolishing Remembrance Day? How about wearing poppies or laying wreaths? Should we scrap those too?

I am certainly no fan of war. I'm appalled at the brutality and destruction that it represents. However I deeply respect the bravery and self sacrifice of our soldiers as they go off to hell, in the case of the guys Cherry talks about; never to return. And while Don recognizes this sacrifice and bravery. You cowards hide behind your anonymity and your keyboards and poke at him for doing so.

Now Cherry may offend some people, say the wrong thing from time to time and shoot himself in the foot occasionally but I love him. Canada loves him.


Because he loves us.
Cherry rec'd votes because many thought it would be funny, or kind of kitchsy, and because many are out and out stupid. The stupid have a right to vote. He chooses to put faces on the troops, which can't be a bad thing I guess. It's his forum, he can do what he likes with it, I seldom see it, as I prefer to do interprative dance during intermissions.

I don't much like Cherry. Some like the blowhard act, I don't. Cherry has done enough to merit insult over the years and poking fun at him has nothing to do with cowardice. Ever notice that Cherry doesn't particiapte in forums where there are differing opinions ? I wonder why ?

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