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12-21-2008, 08:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Dubé is so plain wrong on his analysis of his 2 disallowed goals....saying that on the first, well they were right 'cause they didn't know where the puck is.....OK so based on that, they could keep whistling all game long and it will never be their fault....And on the 2nd one, he says that the goalie took possession of the puck before we scored which is again not true 'cause that wasn't what made the ref whistle....

I guess even Dubé could be human....
Dube isn't human and doesn't make mistake... he has bugs.

Originally Posted by Andrei Kostopolous View Post
Everything is said about the refs. After this many years, it ain't going change especially against the Canes.

As for the team. Again a mix bag of effort and hard work.

Lapierre and Begin played well. Lappy penalty definitely stupid though.

Laraque is all but useless most of the time. If the game started in down low in the offensive, he'd be useful.

Tanguay has this knack of being invisible and put up points. He kinda floats around, then bang makes a nice play on goal.

Skost, kovy, and Pleks were amongst the quiet and ineffective Canadiens. Had a few moments but other than that, not what you want out of a top line. Frankly, even with the goals by Kovy, its not enough possession nor chances of a top line.

Montreals D was backing up all night. They were just giving the blue line away and allowing one on one shots at Price from the slot. Completely unacceptable.

Price. Good but shaky at times. His D definitely didn't help him out.
That's the player he is. He is much more clever than anyone could think he is. We can't expect him to be an Ovechkin or a Kovalev, he's a different type of player. He kinda works more in the shadow, but he's very effective. He's almost always getting out the corners with the puck and his passing abilities make the opponents nervous. He's the type of player that is not very spectacular, but will always get the job done. Always one of the first ones to back in the defensive zone and helps his defensemen a lot.

5 points in the last 3 games. He's back on the right track. I want him with this team for a while. You just can put him anywhere and he'll get the job done. I also loved him on the PK.

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