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12-21-2008, 09:36 PM
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Originally Posted by le_sean View Post
You would not say one word if your father or mother was in Afghanistan now. Stop trying to be "cool" by going against "the man" or so you seem to make it about.
Hi! How's it going? Yeah, umm... I have about a half dozen friends either in Afghanistan or knowing they'll be going soon, so this "You wouldn't talk if you weren't being affected" talk is crap. I also have a grandmother with the numbers from concentration camp still on her arm, and that doesn't stop me from saying that if Cherry was talking about concentration camp survivors on Coach's Corner, I'd want him to shut up and get back to his twisted views about hockey.

And yes, your last defence will likely be, "Just don't watch it", and usually, I don't. But when I'm with a group of friends watching Hockey Night in Canada, you don't have much choice do you? Funny how people forget the Coach's Corner where he didn't talk about ANYTHING and just went into a dead soldier montage. That didn't last one minute. That was the whole Coach's Corner. Brought to you by Moores.

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