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12-22-2008, 01:24 AM
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Originally Posted by jas View Post
Unfortunately, that break was used on Cherepanov, only to have it taken away.

The truth is, the Rangers have solid players, but, Cherepanov was the only chance at having a playing with elite talent. Zherdev is a player with elite talent, and Del Zotto is a heckuva talent from the backline. But, what the Rangers have most of is good talent -2nd liners - that work hard.

I still think that the Rangers might end up going after Radulov. He is a quick fix in the securing young talent department (like Zherdev), and because he'd be coming to NY, with his buddy already here, I think it's an easier sell to bring him back over.

Am\nd, aside from Grachev, the prospect I have the highest hopes for right now in the forward position is Stepan. He comes from a hockey factory in MSM-Shattuck. And, as a freshman, he's a top six forward playing important minutes at a major hockey program at Wisconsin. The key is patience. He still needs to fill out, but, from the reports I've read, he's quick, sees the ice well, and has a high hockey IQ. Ideally, he should play the full four years at Wisconsin, and just let him develop, although I'm sure the Rangers will keep a close eye on his proceedings.
A quality lacking in many Rangers fans including myself.

No system that produces the young players the Rangers have is lousy. People who say things like that are simply speaking out their rear end. However, aside from Henrick there has not been a significant breakout.

Among the likes of Girardi, Staal, Dubinksy Callahan, Dawes, Korpikoski and others coming up behind them we have the makings of a competitive future. But IMO the system will need to produce at least one true blue chip goal scorer to remain sustainable and have a chance to take things to the next level.

But I have no crystal ball. None of us do. The answer or part of it could be in one or more of the names mentioned above. As you say, we shall have to wait and see.

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