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Originally Posted by le_sean View Post
How am I being simple?

Cherry takes about 1 minute of his segment to honour fallen soldiers and someone is complaining that it takes his "buzz" away? Then he has the audacity to say Cherry has some sort of plan to spread pro-war propaganda because he does it? It's not even about the war when he shows pictures of these soldiers, it's about the human beings in them that have died. He did the same thing for the RCMP officers that died in Saskatchewan and does the same for policemen and firefighters. But of course no human could ever feel remorse for these people, there's always an "agenda".

Boo hoo it takes up a minute of someones time, he does not even have to watch. Is he going to start complaining to companies and tell them to stop making commercials because it takes away from precious hockey?
Sean, I have a running joke with some friends of my daughter, where you say something insulting, then say, no offense. Like those 2 words give you a free pass, kind of like when a kid says, I'm sorry, when he means, don't be pissed off at me.

Cherry is genuine in his feelings that the fallen troops should be honoured. He feels that Canadians don't promote Canadians. I don't disagree with him. I do believe that his dismissive attitude towrds many that are different than him, whether it be language or nationality can't be ignored. While 1 is nice, it doesn't negate the other.

I remember an old SNL opening monologue where the cxomic was showing how to be loved, say, 'I love NY' a few times and they love you. Cherry doesn't do it to be popular, but this good characteristic doesn't make me wamt to rush out and buy his videos.

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