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12-22-2008, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by TimminsTheStorm View Post
What the hell is it with all these ****ing Bruins fans on our board?!

I just can't wait to see them hit a slump... So funny though to see their fans jump like little kids in a candy store. Enjoy it Bruins fans... hot sequences always have to end some day, and I'm going to be the first one to laugh at you when you come back to earth. Before this, well keep on fapping altogether...

And, by the way, it's correct to laugh at Eric Lindros concussions, but we should all be praying for Bergeron since he's playing for you?

I wish all the best to Patrice since he seems like a great guy and all, but I'm so happy for some reasons... Bruins fans were the first ones to laugh at Komisarek and to be all happy after their gorilla hurt him (wow! keep on hitting on a guy who just dislocated his shoulder! Tough guy!). Karma.

Keep on cheering for your "classy" little future Neely racist punk (who imitates a monkey after being challenged by Laraque. wow! classy! learn us more about class Bruins fans!).

I don't care how your team performs, I'm indifferent and I don't mind your players (minus Lucic, Ward, Ryder and your coach), but your fanbase is a total joke.

33 games don't win you a Stanley Cup. You should know this better than us... *cough* 2002 *cough* 2004.
Who laughed at Lindros? I can safely say I've never "laughed" when someone got a concussion.

How is Lucic a racist by the way? That's a claim that's going to have to go through the Mods....

Also, how is the fanbase a joke? You're basing it off <0.01%(HFboards), and making a faulty generalization.

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