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12-22-2008, 10:09 AM
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Hmmm... I don't even know where to start.

Originally Posted by datchou View Post
If I was Gainey, I'd give the two hardest working guys on our team a 2 year contract similar to Lapierre as they are the heart and soul of our team.

Begin is a viking, Kosto is a warrior, and they deserve every penny.

Begin, and Kosto 2 years at 1.5 M, to lock up our fourth line.

At least get Kostopoulos signed, and Begin later in the season.
1,5M for 4th liners, wow! You my dear are a genius. Only one of Begin or Kostopoulos is going to be re-signed, Stewart can do the exact same job and be even more energitic.

Secondly, Lapierre is signed to a 650K$ contract. I don't know where you take your numbers...

Originally Posted by datchou View Post
d'agostini will officially take over tanguays place next year, habs will keep kovy and koivu, and let tanguay go, its simple a guy who make 5 million and is invisible, and the success he had earlier in season was because he was playing with koivu and getting his passes to score goals
Wow. It's really getting a trend here to bash Tanguay. Yeah, sure. Let's re-sign Kovalev and let our two best goalscorers go. After, in two years, when Kovalev slows down even more, and Koivu gets hurt, you'll whine about Tanguay producing at a PPG rate elsewhere playing with an offensive team.

We have nobody in the 29-31 years old class of age in our forwards group other than Tanguay. We need him, if you actually think he's useless to our team you know nothing about hockey.

Kovalev hurts us as much as he helps us, sadly. It's not a question of being lazy anymore, it's a question of being 35 years old and playing a style that fits a 25 years old.

Oh, and by the way, D'agostini and Tanguay are really different players. One is a drive-the-net type of player, the other is a permiter, skilled, speedy playmaker. They both need the other one to produce.

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