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12-22-2008, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by TimminsTheStorm View Post
If all Bruins fans made sense as much as you do, we'd be living is paradise

EDIT: Should have read your other post before writting this... calling Laraque a gorilla

Lucic imitated a monkey after being challenged by Laraque. Which is not a really clever thing to do. Call us classless as much as you wish, I don't care if the mods give me a warning, I saw him do this from my own eyes and some medias even re-played the tape after the game, so call me crazy as much as you wish, I saw it very well.

Oh, and by the way, you my dear are not helping the Bruins fans' reputation around here. Stay on your boards, and we'll not disturb you. However, when you come on OUR board to brag and say the Habs have no chance to beat the all mighty Bruins, well don't expect to be applauded.

If I get a warning for calling Lucic racist, this is a joke.

Lucic never immitated a monkey, Lucic just immitated the crowd booing him, everybody knew it. I was realy embarassed by the journalisy who brought that up, for me he was the racist guy. Actualy Lucic was realy funny when he taunted the crowd.

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