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12-22-2008, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by jcpenny View Post
Watching the Canes make you realize how much our transition game is bad. We couldnt touch the puck in the begging of the game because they were moving the puck out so well, tape to tape pass to start up a rush. With the speed and skill that we have, it should be our strength. For that, we need more puck movers and build our team around that. I wonder how much time Carbo spends on the transition game during practices.
I realised this when watching the game and how that was the force of the Canes against us, the transition. They seem to be an average team as far as talent but not unlike the Sabres for instance they must work at it over and over and over. These types of teams are always ultra ready and are always prefect on the basics. But Carbo never was big on training, he went at it on instinct and that's the way he coachs. Last year wasn't problem because the Plek-Kovy-Andrei line were like Hell on Wheels and the defense only needed to throw the puck by the side of the glass, they were taking it and running with it with the other lines mimikcing what these guys were doing it. But this year that lines is out of synch so our team needs a better transition game at 5 men. And for this you need your D to pinch in offensively to pass the puck to the do forwards. Problem with this is that our European-style forwards are too far away from them. Or whenthe Ds pinch in, the forwards are not enough of defensive-mind to cover the defensemen in case a mistake happen. I cannot count the times this year where to help the forwards a defenseman try to help and we're caught two-on-one on our zone the next second. And we're at our worst because of that against a well oiled "unit of 5" trained team like Carolina.

btw, I hate the Canes. And somehow our trouble against them stems from.......

the ghost of the Hartford Whalers. When we the face the Canes, we're really playing the ******* Whalers.

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