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12-22-2008, 06:21 PM
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Originally Posted by lou4gehrig View Post
It's funny people keep saying we need a Top 4 D-Man. Not for defensive reasons as we are 8th best in Goals Allowed. But for offensive / powerplay reasons.

We are in every single game we play. We have the 6th fewest losses in the league. I think we really need a reliable goal scorer. Right now rookie D'Ago is our most reliable goal scorer.

We can't expect to win with the likes of Pleks (9 games without scoring), Tanguay (2 goals in 16 games), Kovalev (19 games without scoring).

Of our 14 losses and OT losses, 10 are one-goal losses.

Kovalev is on pace for 20 goals (last season 35 goals), Plek on pace for 15 goals (last season 29 goals), Higgins on pace for around 15 goals (last season 27 goals), A Kost on pace for 15 goals (last season 26 goals). Plus we had 43 goals between Lats, Ryder and Streit last season.

Somebody like Gaborik would elevate everybody around him. His longest stretch without scoring last season was 6 games. True he is an injury risk, but you need to take some risks in order to win a cup. Even somebody like Kovalchuk rarely goes more than 5 games without scoring.

You need this type of natural goal scorer and we haven't had one in a long-time. It would open up the ice for alot of non-superstar players like Pleks and A Kost.

We also have the talent to acquire somebody like this. Really time to go for broke.
I think we need a top 4 Dman who can play in a physical game, someone with a good first pass and solid in his own end (not prone to brain cramps). We need someone to replace Brisebois or Bouillon because the thing that is hurting us the most is our transition game. We get caught way too often because of poor breakouts. The problem is, Bouillon is alright in a physical game but can't move the puck while Brisebois is fairly good at moving the puck but sucks during a physical game. I'm not asking for a PP specialist although if the guy had a big shot it would be nice because we could replace Breezer. Our offensive players need to come out of the zone with speed and one last puck-moving Dman would help.

That's why people who say Kaberle isn't an answer because he doesn't have a big shot are wrong. Our transition game would be so much smoother with a guy like Kaberle. No more getting bottled up in our zone. I'm not saying Kaberle is the only answer but someone like him that has a good vision from the back end. Josh Gorges for exemple doesn't have Kaberle or Markov's vision but has a good first pass. You get the drift.

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